Write what you LOVE

Some days you just need to remind yourself what you love about life. It is always easy to  talk about what you don’t like. Take a moment today and write down what you do like. It will change your perspective and attitude for the day!

I love my Monday – Friday Job

I love the location of my Job

I love the freedom at my job.

I love the way my Christopher makes me laugh.

I love how my Christopher always has something positive to say

I love my Christopher Blue eyes

I love the location of my home.

I love the the colors of the walls in my home.

I love my big closet

I love my back porch area

I love that there is a dog park in my complex.

I love that there is a work out room in my complex

I love that we have a full basement and Garage

I love our neighbors.

I love the gas milage I get with my car.

I love how small my car is

I love that it is higher off the ground than a car but not as big as a SUV

I love that I have money in the bank

I love that the trees turn Red in the fall

I love the food here in WNY

I love that I am so close to family that I havent seen in ages

I love my hair

I love my eyes

I love my determination to succeed

I love my smile

I love my legs

I love my self

Author: Jessica

Hello world. I am just a girl trying to find her place in this world. I am always looking for my next big adventure. I am currently learning the ways of the Law of Attraction and like to blog about my successes and failures within that journey.

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