How to Let it Go to the Universe

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The Law of Attraction states that we need to Ask for what we want, Believe we have it, and then we will Receive it. They say to start small with a parking spot, or a cup of coffee. But what I want is more than that. I know I can have it. I truly believe that the universe can bring it to me. However, I need to be 100% in line to receive it. Staying in that frequency is not easy.

Every morning I wake up and my hearing is different. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. When it is worse it get nervous, angry, and frustrated. It dictates my attitude for that day. It is very hard to get me out of that mind set. I know that if I don’t change my mind set and get on that frequency the universe is not going to bring me what I want. Knowing this I get more frustrated at myself and it is a downhill spiral.

I am trying to utilize the visualization process. I visualize myself sitting in the hearing booth taking my test. The audiologist comes out and looks shocked. She gets the Dr and he re gives me the test. Shocked as well he comes in to tell me that my hearing is normal. Like 100% in the normal range. I try to feel how excited and emotionally overwhelmed I would be. I try and feel the relief, disbelief, amazement, and excitement I would feel. I have printed out a audio-gram, on that I want my hearing to look like. I look at it at work every day. I imagine the ear piercings I would get if I didnt have hearing aids. I believe this miracle can happen.

Every day that I wake up without hearing , I feel like I push myself farther and farther away from my miracle. I have a hard time asking, believing, and letting it go to the universe. You rely on your hearing every day. Because it causes so much frustration and struggle when you cannot hear, I am constantly reminded that the universe has not delivered my miracle to me.

I dont know the answer. I dont know how it will happen. Practice makes perfect I guess.

I will get my hearing back.

It is a big wish but size doesn’t matter to the universe.




Only Love will truly save the world. – Wonder Woman

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I was watching Wonder Woman last night (if you haven’t seen it you should), and really took to heart this quotes. If you have a ever read The Secret or believe in the law of attraction all they talk about is the power of love. The energy of love. The frequency of love.

I have been in a frequency of fear and anxiety the past few weeks. I can tell that I am attracting all of the circumstances that have happened to me. I lost my hearing yet again, I am stressed out living with my mom, I am having a hard time loving my hunny, I quit school because I couldn’t handle the stress (I only have 8 weeks left), and I have had an influx of medical bills. All because I am giving out the frequency of stress and anxiety. If the law of attraction works right than that is why i keep seeing these things in my life.

A week ago I asked myself why is faith so scary? Is it because if it doesn’t happen in the time frame you want it to makes it worse or is it because of the unknown? Is it because you may not get it? Is it because it is hard? The more I thought about it the more it didn’t make sense. You think of the cancer patient that has faith that they will get better. They live their days HAPPY and with HOPE and JOY. Wither they live or not they lived a HAPPY¬† JOYFUL life. Not one of uncertainty and fear, and the result could be the same anyway. I mean, we all know unhappy people that have money, we all know cranky people that are beautiful and healthy but they do nothing to enjoy those blessings.

This quote from Wonder Women really got me thinking. Love is a great frequency to be on. You need to love what you have, you need to feel love for what you want, and you cannot let that faith falter. I love being able to hear. I love the sound of water. Like powerful water, going over a water fall or a good drawn bath. Or even a really good thunder storm. The power that comes from that water is unbelievable. I love hearing that. I love my hunny. He has been here through all of this shit. He deserves the best of me now that he has seen me at my worst. I love working out, I need to make it a priority. I love the feeling I get when I finish a killer workout. I love big front porches on homes. I want a home with a big front porch and open kitchen.  These are the things I need to focus on. This is the frequency that is going to bring these things to me!

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It is all in what you believe, and I believe in love. Love conquers all. Why should I be afraid to have faith that my hearing will come back. I believe in miracles why cant I be one. I believe that you attract what you think about. Why not think about times when I could hear everything or think about the things I love to hear. Why should I be afraid of what could go wrong. My hearing is already gone it can only go up from here. The worst has already happened. I am a success story. I am a miracle!

Love will save the world. My world. One act of love at a time.