Do you want to build a snowman? Yes you want to build a snowman, and here’s why!


Yes, I am referring to the Disney movie Frozen, and yes you do want to build a snowman. Here is why. While I was watching Frozen over the weekend I couldn’t help but notice that I had some strange similarities with the character Elsa. (No I cannot create an ice castle with an abominable snowman guard). I am Elsa in the since that I am afraid of life and want to shut everyone out.

I have a fear that I am not going to find my career and I am going to be stuck in this rut forever. I am holding myself back so I cannot hurt anyone by being my weird self.  I am holding back so no one can judge me for being me. I am keeping my wonderful abilities (powers) to my self. Every opportunity I have (Anna knocking on the door) I tend to over think and pass over. Now, I am afraid that I wont have any more opportunities because I ignored so many before (Anna stops knocking). I want to break free (Like Elsa did when she sung Let It Go) and travel the world. Leave all my troubles here and just go, see, and find new things. When Elsa did this she was herself, she was happy, she was free.

As wonderful as the song sounds, we all know running away is not the answer. Though we are free to do and see what we want, our problems will eventually catch up to us (thanks Olaf). Elsa in the beginning used her powers to protect herself from her self. She had never fully used her powers before and didn’t know what she was truly capable of. She had only used her powers out of fear. This is how I feel. I am good at a lot of things but I am afraid to show them.

I want to shut my self out from everyone, loose 15lbs, and find myself again by traveling.  I know that eventually all my problems will come back, but at least I will look good and have memories to share. But then I think this would be very lonely, and I have a wonderful boyfriend and two amazing dogs that I would miss dearly. It wouldn’t be worth it to leave them. (Plus I think they would all go out on a quest like Anna and try to find me. They love me that much!) What I need to do is learn to find my self in the now. I need to be able to be myself no matter what happens in my life. How do you ask?  I will Build A Snowman!

I know this is cheesy but the moral of the Frozen story,like many Disney Movies, is only true love can break the curse. Love. In the Law of Attraction Love is the highest frequency and Walt new this. You need to do everything with Love. Once Elsa realizes this she uses Love to save the day (She unfreezes Arendelle and gains a family)! We need to say Yes to the opportunities that get presented to us (Build that snow man), say yes to trying new things (open the gates), say yes to being your self (don’t hold back your powers)! People are going to judge you no matter what (not everyone likes snow). But who cares, they can move! Your happy that’s all that matters! Master the gifts (powers) you have. Use them for good not evil. You never know what your powers may be good for. (An ice skating rink in the middle of a palace is always good). They were given to you, and only you, for a reason.

I need to not fear what I am now, and start becoming what I know I can be. I need to learn how to be myself now in this time in my life and not run away. I need to not over think opportunities and take them. I need to learn to live my life in the now. I need to learn to LOVE myself now. If I don’t I will end up locked up in a room alone, cold, and afraid. I don’t want to be Elsa. I want to be Anna. Bold. Alive. Innocent. Excited. Strong.

I want to build a snow man. Yes, I want to build snowman. Come on lets try.  (You know you sung that) 🙂

Photo by Jessica Bruha

What do you Desire, a Job or a Life?


Desire: A strong feeling of wanting to have something, or wishing for something to happen.

I was talking to a good friend of mine yesterday who, in my opinion, has a very successful life. He works three days a week and parties the other four. He has a home, a boat, three cars, and a motor home that he takes everywhere. He goes on vacation when ever he wants and has an abundance of money. So I asked him what his secret to success was. His answer surprised me.

He told me that he knew what he wanted out of a job before he got a job. He new he didn’t want to work for anyone, he wanted to make a ton of money without working all the time, and he wanted to work with people. So he found something he kinda liked, was good at, fit his criteria, and went for it. He doesn’t LOVE his job but he likes it. But he only has to do it three day a week so whats not to like. He said he would rather like his job and have the flexibility to have a life, than love his job and not have a life.

After talking to him I have decided that I have been thinking about Desire all wrong. I have this quote by Johnny Carson on my mirror that I read every morning that goes:

Desire! That is the secret of every mans career. Not Education. Not being born with                 hidden talent. Desire!

When I read this quote, I think about what job I desire.  Which is great, however, I should be thinking about what I Desire out of a job not the job it self. In all honesty, I don’t know what I desire to do. But I do know that I desire to be wealthy. I desire to work 7am- 4pm Monday through Thursday. I desire to live a joyful abundant life, and I desire to travel the world.


So here I am looking for the love of my life in a job, to suddenly changing the way I view my life. Sadly I am in the majority of the population that needs to work to live, so why not find something that allows me to live my life the way I want. I would rather LOVE my life than LOVE my job. I desire to have a life I love. Now I understand that it doesn’t mean having a job I love. There is a balance. Cool! More Decisions to Make!

Cheers to another milestone in my journey!


Superman is Busy, be the HERO of your own story!


The quote “Be the Hero of your own story” pops up on my daily list of positive quotes every day. However, I didn’t quite understand it tell today.

Today the word I am working on is Accomplished. I paid off some of my medical bills, I send the Christmas presents I still haven’t sent yet ( I know I am bad ), and I took initiative and asked the web designer guy at my work his opinion regarding my interest in graphic design! It has been a very productive, accomplished morning. I was looking through my daily quotes, and for some reason I felt the urge to google “be the hero of your own story”. In doing so I came across a website ( with and articular titled Feeling Good Will Never Be Enough. Having just blogged about feelings, I had to read further.

The author goes onto quote Tony Schwartz saying “There is a difference between FEELING good and FEELING good about yourself”. (Great so much for my enthusiasm.)  He gave an example of you wanting to loose weight, but not having the time to work out. You set your alarm early, determined to get to the gym before work. The morning comes your alarm goes off and you have two choices; A)You  hit the snooze button so you can stay in your war bed and cherish another heartfelt hour of sleep and feel good now or B) get up, work out, and feel good about starting a habit that will benefit you in the long run. Most of us choose A (instant gratification), its easy, comfortable and you feel good now. Those of us  who choose B however, tend to feel much better about themselves and it helps them achieve results for the future.

I keep talking about the Law of Attraction and how you need to be in alignment with your dreams so the universe can deliver them you. I keep writing, and hoping, and waiting for SOMETHING to happen. I keep waiting for superman to come swoop in and save me from all my problems. I keep waiting for someone in front of me to buy my Starbucks just cause they can, I keep waiting for that good Samaritan to see the bald tires on my car and buy me new ones, I keep waiting for the HUGE check in the mail to bail me out of debt. Truth is superman is not coming. The superman I keep waiting for, is me.  I need to choose B. I need to choose to wake up. I need to choose to act. I need to choose to FEEL GOOD about myself.

Now, circle back to “Being the hero of your own story”.

I have noticed that all heroes have one thing in common, they all have a sense of self. They all have accepted who they are, and they are courageous enough to be just that. “Our Story” is whatever we believe about our lives to be true. I don’t like my story. I believe it should be so much better. I believe it should be abundant and Joyful all the time. Well, guess what, the only person that can “save the day” in my story is me. I need to be myself. I need to find the courage to be me and do what I believe is right no matter what others think. In doing so I will be in full alignment with the universe and great things will come my way because I made it so! No more waiting. I need to start acting.

For my life to get better I need to be myself. By being myself I qualify as a Hero. I am the Hero of my story!

Jessica to the rescue!

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It is Time to Start FEELING


So I am in the process of re listening to The Power by Rhonda Byrne (I get something new out of it every time I listen to it), and I think I have figured out what action I need to take in my life. I need to start FEELING my thoughts.

Sounds silly but I don’t FEEL enough. I read all of these inspiring positive quotes all day every day, but I don’t really feel inspired or positive. I talk positive and smile and look at the glass half full, but I don’t FEEL any of it. I am only trying to focus my mind, but my body and soul don’t respond. It is almost like I am so disappointed in life that I don’t allow my self to feel anything. Yet I know there is more to this life. I know this is just a phase, a test, I just need to have faith. Instead of stressing about what I need to do to be in alignment for a career or my ideal weight, I am doing to allow myself to Feel my emotions.

The other day when my boyfriend got laid off I didn’t allow myself to feel any of the emotions that surged through me. I just pushed them back, and put on a smile and pushed forward. I didn’t allow my self to be scared, cry, or show any disappointment. I just was. Tell one night it all caught up to me and I cried my eyes out for a good ten minutes. Once I cried it all out, I picked my self up and we made a plan of attack. The very next day the check that I was waiting on (that got “lost” in the mail) arrived. Coincidence?

I need to start doing thing that make me feel good and actually feel it. I need to allow myself to feel my emotions. I need to put my phone down (the thing that distracts me from the real world) and really feel what life is bringing me.

It is OK to feel sad once in a while. Just let the feeling come, have it, then move on. Rhonda said in The Power ” without the bad feelings we would know the good ones.” Don’t bathe in them, just acknowledge them and move on. Being numb from the bad feelings also means you are numb from the good feelings.

My ACT is going to be, do the thing that make me feel good and deliberately take a moment to BE IN THE MOMENT TO FEEL IT. I am going to have to make myself be present, and feel the full feeling. It sounds silly and easy but I have been numb for a while now I am kinda nervous. I don’t really know how to do this. At least I am aware that I need to and I am going to try.

One Step at a time…Lets Go!