My Hearing Journey

Though it has been a long time coming, I have decided to get a cochlear implant. After my sudden hearing loss that started me on my word press journey, my hearing has not gotten better. I have found myself not doing the things I used to do (dancing, concerts, bars, movies) because I know I wont be able to hear. I have a fear of missing some important information.  I am not as confident any more because I don’t know what I will miss. I am afraid of what people will think if I say “what” more than once. It is silly. I have been hearing impaired my whole life, you think I would be used to this criticism.

I am really scared to do this but know this is the next step. During my last hearing test my audiologist told me that I only get 30% of single word repetition correct and 50% of sentence repetition correct. Yes your read that right. I rely heavily on context and lip reading. With a cochlear she feels I will be able to get 70-80% in both categories.

Thats the pro.

The cons are, the sound is digital, and it is a permanent procedure. The #1 reason I have never wanted a cochlear implant is the replacement of the analog sound, that you and I know, to digital. The friends I know who have a cochlear implant say that people sound like mini mouse and it is very robotic at first.  This is not a big selling point for me, they really need to work on their advertising. The close second reason is, that it is not a reversible procedure. If I do this and don’t like it, there is no going back.

They say that your brain is an amazing organ that will convert the digital hearing from the cochlear, to the analog hearing I remember things to sound like. Because I have had so much hearing in my life, the transfer in my brain should be fairly quick (3-6 months). It is not an easy 3-6 months but most things should sound normal by then.

I am having a hard time because everyone that is telling me that this is how it works, are hearing people. People who have not experienced a cochlear implant personally. My friends that have cochlear implants now, never really had good hearing in the first place. They dont know what they missed, just what they gained.

I am trying to be optimistic. I know this will help me conquer so many fears and open so many doors. However, I need to get my mind right in order to get the full benefit of this. I need to be able to believe it will be what I want it to be.

The more I read this over the more I see fear and excuses. I feel they are valid fears and valid excuses, however, if I am going to get the full benifit of this…. I need to get my mind right.

Cheers to the Journey.



Author: Jessica

Hello world. I am just a girl trying to find her place in this world. I am always looking for my next big adventure. I am currently learning the ways of the Law of Attraction and like to blog about my successes and failures within that journey.

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