Before Something Great Happens, Everything Falls Apart


I admit, this positive thinking, Law of Attraction, stuff is hard. I have had a rough couple weeks with it. I have been tested and pushed more than I would have hoped. I waked up every day and say what I am thankful for, I look at positive quotes every day at work, and say my daily affirmations. Yet things seem to be getting worse. Do they always have to get worst before they get better or is it me?

I keep reading and researching the LOA and how you need to FEEL grateful, skinny, rich, in order to attract those things to you. Honestly, that last like two minutes. I have felt more depressed lately than I have in a long time. Is that why things are worse? Or is it a test that if I feel good while things are bad than they will get better? Why are there test? Why can I not attract Abundance? Is this normal? AHHH

I think I need a mentor, a coach, or someone to talk to. I refuse to believe that life is a struggle! I refuse to believe that this is all that life has to offer us! I refuse to believe that this is normal! I refuse to believe that it always gets worse before it gets better! Life shouldn’t be a struggle. It should be an amazing adventure fulled with Joy, Travel, Abundance, amazing Experiences, good people, great food, love, Passion, and excitement! I refuse to believe that the life that I have been living is it! I refuse to believe that this is what I am meant to do! I have to much FIRE, to much SPIRIT to have this be it.

I am meant to travel the world! I am meant to have an abundant career! I am meant  for so much more that this! I have too much passion for life to be where I am at. Why am I in debt up to my ears, working two jobs just to make ends meet? Why cant I find my career? Why cant I be the woman I know I am and travel the world? Is it Fear? Lack of Opportunity? My Attitude? WHAT!!!! I feel I try. Every day I research how to get there. Motivational quotes, websites, books, you name it! I am a positive person, I try my darnedest to be positive. What am I missing?

All questions I intend to figure out….. If they really do get worse before it gets better, than something great is about to happen in my life.

One Day at a time. Here we go.

Author: Jessica

Hello world. I am just a girl trying to find her place in this world. I am always looking for my next big adventure. I am currently learning the ways of the Law of Attraction and like to blog about my successes and failures within that journey.

One thought on “Before Something Great Happens, Everything Falls Apart”

  1. I feel your struggle, it’s one I’m very familiar with myself! What I’ve discovered through my own study of the LOA and hypnosis is that nothing will change until your head and your heart align. Your mind could be saying that you’re going to have an amazing day, all day every day but unless you BELIEVE that to be true… nothing will change. And herein lies the problem. For the LOA to work, you must align your thoughts with your beliefs and you’re right, sometimes you need a coach or mentor to help you sort those things out.

    If you ever fancy a free Hypnotherapy session via skype, let me know. I’m happy to get you started on your journey. Don’t lose faith, this stuff does work…I’ve seen great things happen to believers.


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