Continuing My Paradigm

snow-flower_1600x900A Paradigm is a habit. It is what we continually do routinely though out our lives. To change that is not an easy task. I have made the decision to change my paradigm. A decision that is changing my life forever and for good. I want to make $80,000 a year, I want to be 128lbs, and I want a motorcycle. These are my new paradigms.

Bob Proctor said, in one of his many speeches, that in order to become the person you want to be you need to act like that person. You don’t need to spend the money to be a millionaire, but you do need to hold yourself like one. You need talk like one. You need to dream like one. You need to pretend to be who you want to be. This is hard for me because I don’t know exactly who I want to be. I know I want to have a motorcycle, have tattoos, and be that sexy biker chick. But I also want to have a career and work in an office and be respected.

I can have both right?

So do I go get the tattoos and walk like the bad ass bitch I know I am, or do I  do I walk around in work cloths and act like I own the place. Or both. Where do I start?

One of the biggest messages I take from Bob Proctor is that you need to make decisions. You need to decided that you want to change. You need to decided that you will not give up. You need to decided what you want and pretend you already have it.

I need to decide what I want. All I can decide right now is $80,000 a year, 128lbs, and a motorcycle. So I need to walk around with the confidence that I am that weight, that I have that money to spend, I have the freedom to go ride every weekend. How do you do this? How do you not think “well it sounds good but is it really going to happen.” How do you do this for 30 days?

It takes 30 days to form a habit. To change you paradigm you need to change your habits. I have to find a way to act like a bad ass, rich, sexy, biker chick for 30 days.

Cool. Maybe I will start with a piercing. Or maybe I will get some motorcycle gloves.  Or actually sketch out my sleeve tattoo. I don’t know what I am going to do but I am going to do something.

I will let you know how it goes.

Attracting Money

moneyI have come to the decision that I think my Blog is going to be about the Law of Attraction. Through out this whole past few months the Law of attraction in one way or another has shaped my life. It brought back my hearing, my positive prospective on life, my job. As I mentioned before I am changing my Paradigm, and I am doing so with the Law of Attraction.

Bob Proctor helped me to realize that I need to start making decisions in my life. I have recently decided that I am going to make $80,000 a year. Have no idea how, or by doing what but I am going to do it! Well the past few days I have received more bills that I have in quite some time…. all very unexpected. So after being on a high from that motivational speech from Bob Proctor 6 Min to Success, this was a total downer.

After doing more research I have found that I have a fear of money. When I get money from someone or out of no where, I instantly think “wow how do I repay them” or “this is great but will it be consistent”. I am always afraid it will go away. I feel I don’t deserve money. This is the negative thought that is keeping money from me. I need to change my thinking and I need to start believing that I do deserve money. This is easier said than done.

I probably sat at my desk and read 100 positive money affirmations today. I wrote down in my journal “Now, I release  this negative belief from my mind, body and soul. Now I am complete, happy, and positive about money. I am a Money Magnet and I am Abundance!”. I took my bills in my had and said thank you for the service that were provided to me with these bills. I have at my desk a fake check for $80,000 that I look at all day. But I dont FEEL good about money.

I dont know how to change that.

I have been on google trying to find an answer and the only thing that I found that is consistent in all the teachings, is being specific about what you want. Make specific demands or amounts and imagine your self spending it. As an athlete I know that visualization is a great way to help the mind get in the zone, so I am going to try it with money.

I am going to visualize looking at my online account and seeing $80,000 in it. I am going to visualize buying (Specific) things for my boyfriend just because I can. I am going to visualize paying my bill and saying thank you! I am going to visualize my credit card balances being $0! I am going to Visualize buying the plane ticket to Denver and not hesitating. I am going to visualize going out to dinner and getting specific menu item and enjoying it without thinking about cost.

All of these things I am going to get a specific amount for and I am going to FEEL myself having it now. I am going to feel how it feels to pay without looking at the check. I am going to FEEL abundance I am going to FEEL the joy!

Ah bliss. I will let you know how it goes!


Change your Paradigm

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So this morning I woke up with a positive attitude, great hearing, and motivation to change my life. It is raining out right now but the grass is so green and air is so crisp it is almost a sign that things are changing.

I have always been a believer of the Law of Attraction. I know I have mentioned it before in a few post. The past few months it has been harder for me to be the positive optimistic person I know I am. Yesterday, our rent cleared and we decided to be positive and grateful for the ability to be here in this home. Silly but it is a positive accomplishment for us so we cherished it. Then my co-workers asked me out for drinks. Being new to the office, I should have been ecstatic to be invited out with everyone. But instead my thoughts became negative. I was so worried that a $5 drink would make it so I couldn’t pay bills. Only because we struggled so hard to make rent the moment before. I was worried sick that $5 would make or break my bank account. Realizing how negative this thought was I went any way and new I had to change my thinking.

It was not easy. I cannot even say I succeeded. I tried to be grateful for the $5 I had to spend out with my friends, I tried to be grateful for the abundance of money still in my bank account. But all I could do was put in my favorite Michael Jackson CD and listen to my favorite song. That is all the positiveness I got out of that situation. After my song I felt that I did not succeed in changing my thinking towards money and that I was not attracting it to me. Ultimately not making the night the best it could have been.

This morning I sat on the couch with my boys and decided to be positive and find a way to change the way I was thinking about money. I googled videos on the Law of Attraction and Money and decided to watch Bob Proctor on Paradigm Shifting. By doing so I realized a few amazing things. One, I was successful last night. I acknowledged that I was being negative and consciously made the decision to find something positive to focus on. Two, our Paradigms are habits we are taught through life and I want to change mine. And Three, I need to start making decisions.

To change your Paradigm you need to make a decision to do so. You don’t have to have the how, but you need to make THE decision that it is possible to change the outcome of your life. It changes the way the universe sends you things. You need to have a clear decision so that it can bring your situations and events to get it to you. This is hard for me. My boyfriend will be the first person to tell you that I dont make decisions. I know that is my problem.  I need to decided what I want and work at it. Bob Proctor said that you need to consciously work at something for 90 days for it to be a habit.

As an athlete I know this. Muscle memory, diet, routine, everything takes time to become a regular part of your life. It takes time to get into a routine of working out three days a week. It takes time for your body to remember the next dance move efficiently. Your mind is exactly the same.

I want to be more positive. It is going to take time and practice for it to  happen. It doesn’t happen all at once. Because I noticed that I was being negative and decided to change it even if it was short lived, I am changing how I react to things in my life. (A really good sign) Soon it wont be hard to think positive when I get caught up in silly things. Every day I wake up and express my gratitude for everything that I have, I say my daily affirmations, I choose to be the best I can be. Soon it will be a habit I wont have to read them I will know them. It will be my Paradigm not a chore.

I am deciding to change my Paradigm. I am going to make $80,000 a year. I am going to weigh 128lbs and be strong and healthy. I am going to travel. I am going to have a motorcycle. I am happy.

Those are my decisions. The HOW is yet to come.