Trying to figure it all out.


I just wrote this whole blog post about needing help. I had it saved and ready to publish. I went to re read it before publishing, and realized how pathetic it was. I deleted it and reevaluated. I do need help financially, but I shouldn’t be put it out there like dirty laundry for everyone to see.

Do I want to be on Ellen or Oprah for something amazing, Yes. But ranting about how I work 7 days a week and have two jobs is not going to get me there. Ranting about “why not me” is not going to make anyone like me. People keep saying it is OK to ask for help, well I dont know how. Let me rephrase, I dont know how without feeling pathetic, or defeated.

My mom called to ask how I was doing the other day, and I dont know how to tell her that I have spent all my bonds just so we can pay our bills. I talked to her about going back to school. She said maybe you should use your bonds for that. Well that would have been a good idea, but they are gone. I cant bring myself to tell her that. I doubt she would help me anyway. Again, I am not good at admitting defeat.

Before I knew the results of my biopsy from the lump in my breast I had a moment where I thought “If they only give me 6 months to live, I would be very disappointed in myself and how I have lived my life.” I am better than this. I am more than these bullshit jobs. I am a better girlfriend than I have been. I am a loving, energetic, smiling person. Where did she go. My boyfriend still believes that I am here. Why cant I believe it. I have lost her somewhere and I am afraid she wont come back.

My boyfriend is an amazing man. He still believes we can survive this. He still believes that something great is going to happen to us. I am sitting here saying “OMG my life sucks why me” and he is in the same boat fixing the leak. He deserves so much more than this. He doesnt pay his bills so we can pay mine. He sits and wipes my tears away every day. He tells me every day that I am beautiful. He holds me and keeps me safe. He has unwavering faith. He keeps it together when it is all falling apart.

I do believe that going back to school is part of the answer. I want to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. I have found a school and emailed them my story so we will see what happens. I would need to find two part time jobs that would work with my schedule. But give me enough money for rent, car payment, car insurance, and Health Insurance. Oh and give me time to study and love my boyfriend the way he deserves. (working out should be in there somewhere too)

I feel so defeated. I feel like such a failure. I just want someone to help me. Give me advice. Or even have the answer…But that is not how life works. Nothing is given to you. You earn it. Well shit, how do you earn it? Where am I going wrong?

I am trying to be positive. I write down three things I am grateful for ever day. I try to look at the bright side. But depression is a real thing and it is not getting easier. Maybe someone is listening. Maybe the universe has a plan. Maybe Ellen love my blog. Who knows. All I know is I need to change this.

I can do it.

One question at a time.


Author: Jessica

Hello world. I am just a girl trying to find her place in this world. I am always looking for my next big adventure. I am currently learning the ways of the Law of Attraction and like to blog about my successes and failures within that journey.

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